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Monday, September 26, 2005

Catching up with the World

Alright, I've finally gone and done it and gotten a blog. I'm unique and special, just like everyone else. I had to create and ID to post a comment elsewhere. So, since I had to create the ID anyway, I suppose I may as well use it.

Admittedly, I'm rather brain dead at this point trying to get the home and life back in order after fleeing from the storm that went elsewhere. I'm thankful that we didn't get hit here in Pearland, but it had been a pain getting all unpacked and de-stormifying the house. I can't really stay storm proofing since a serious hit probably would have taken the house down anyway.

Alright, I'm stopping now or I'll find myself still typing hours later and I'm not ready for that yet.



Blogger Shell said...

I want to see things about the munchkins here. I'm going to ride your butt about this one. I hardly see a pic or hear a sound about either one of those angels...

1:21 PM  

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