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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Toys

Alright, time for an update. In the last few weeks, the wife and I have each gotten a new toy. For me, a new fifth generation 60GB White iPod. For about the last year, I've been interested in one, but I kept holding off to see what the next generation would bring. Also, my music collection was a mess, so I've been cleaning it up, particularly the ID3 tags. When the 5G came out last month, I knew I'd waited long enough. I went for the 60GB as I want to have plenty of room to grow and I want this to last me a long time. I don't really expect to have much use for the video part of it, but it's nice to have.

As for the wife, she got a sweet computer upgrade - a monster laptop from HP, the ZD8000 Desktop Replacement. She now again takes the crown as having the most powerful computer in the house. She had another laptop, but it hardly went anywhere, mostly to hotel rooms so that we could access the internet while on trips. So, knowing her habits, we sacrifed weight and battery life for raw power - and this thing just oozes power. Now, she can get her Civilization 4 fix, and I get to use my own computer again. All is well.

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Blogger Shell said...

Jealousy...on both parts.

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