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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where have I been?

Well, I must confess - it's been so long since I've made a post that I had to get my password reset. I see Shelley manages to post every couple of days and I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving. I keep waiting for that return to normal after the rush of the holidays. Yet, I'm starting to realize the truth that with kids and a wife and job that this is "normal".
So, I'm left with just trying to do a better job of fitting a comment here and there into the time that I do have. As for lately, like most Americans, I've been trying to lose the weight that I gained last year. In what has become an annual tradition at my work, I've been in a 10 week weight loss challenge with 55 of my coworkers to try and drop 7% of our starting weight. We just finished week 9 and I finally made it across the 7% threshold and I will hopefully finish about 20 lbs down from the beginning of the year. I've still got another good 35 lbs to go after that, but I think I'm on track this year to finally get back down. The wife and I got a family membership to the YMCA this year and we've stuck with regular visits, so we're both making progress. Having childcare available has really taken out our last excuse to not exercising more. Now that the kids can have something to do and be taken care of while we can exercise has really helped push us in the direction we need to go - down.
Whatever you have to do, find a way to get in shape. We're not getting any younger and it's going to continue to get harder to get in and stay in shape if we don't do it now.



Blogger Shell said...

I was about to take you off my list of blogs I read. Shame shame shame.

Good for you! Joining the YMCA. I've been contemplating it and I think there's a million other ways I would like to spend that money.

8:55 AM  

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