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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ahhhhhh - It has arrived!

Well, I am just stunned. During my order process on Sunday, HP gave me a build date for my computer of today (7/27) with free delivery 5-7 working days later. So, imagine my surprise when the wife calls me at work to tell me a big box arrived today from HP.
Sure enough, it's my new machine. I'm typing from it at this time and getting my programs installed. There's a bit of hassle uninstalling all the extra crap that it comes with (a 60 day trial of Office 2003? What am I supposed to do with that?). Still, overall, it's nice to be able to plug a machine in, turn it on, and just have it work.
I also got a 19" flat panel LCD monitor for $100 after a rebate as part of the deal. I'll probably stick with the 21" CRT monitor that I have and use the new one on the wife's computer.
Finally, HP had an offer for a free printer after rebate and that came as well. I didn't pay too much attention to the details since it was free. It was a nice surprise to find out it is actually an all-in-one printer-scanner-copier. The wife is particularly thrilled about that one.
Now comes the long and arduous task of rebuilding my Itunes collection.



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