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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Honey Do Weekend

Well, it's been a working weeked for our hero. It started Friday, really. The wife and I were going out for some shopping, but her Mom was having pain and trying to get to an emergency room. We met her part way and the wife drove her the rest of the way while I followed. The wife stayed at the hospital with her mom and I went off to do the shopping on my own. Typical of our fine medical system, they spent several hours just waiting, and I went to pick up the kids and watched them in the evening. The neighors were out with their kids, so I hung out with them in the front yard while all our kids played. It's nice to have a neighborhood full of other young kids. Several are close to our daughter's age and it's been interesting watching them all grow up.
The wife eventually comes home with her Mom's car after her Dad made it to the hospital to relieve her. Her Mom was eventually discharged as they couldn't find a problem and she was feeling better.
So, yesterday, we drive down to return the car. My wife and daughter are off to a couple of birthday parties in the afternoon. I take care of my son, who thankfully takes a two hour nap, and get some chores done. The house has pretty much been a disaster since we returned from vacation. The clothes had been especially bad. Everything was clean, mind you, but it was in random piles in the bedroom. I got everything sorted out and put away and then took care of my son after he woke up.
In the evening, I served on the bar crew at the KC hall. It was a Spainish wedding reception that lasted until 1am. I was fooled again. It started at 8p and by 9:30p, there was still a light crowd, probably half full. We figured they wouldn't last until midnight. But, by 10p, a lot more people showed up and the party kicked up. They turned out to be a pretty entertaining and festive bunch. I made it home at 1:30a this morning and crashed.
My wife woke me up at 10:30a this morning so that I would have breakfast before lunchtime. After that, she took the kids down to her parents for lunch while I worked on the garage. In particular, the garage door opener had broken a few days earlier (actually, the door broke, the opener itself was fine) and we had been having to manually operate it. I paid a visit to the Home Depot and got some hardware - you know, you really can't spend to much time at a hardware store. I could wander for hours looking at stuff and thinking about projects that I'll never have time to do. But, this was a job that had to be done, so I bought the supplied I needed and put the door back in business. Now, everyone else is asleep and I'm turning in myself. It's another week of work ahead for the Lifer.

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Blogger Shell said...

I HATE HATE HATE going to Home Depot with Boyfriend. I would rather pull my fingernails out with eyebrow tweezers than go to Home Depot with him because it turns into some hours long lust fest for him when we were just suppose to go in for a light bulb.

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