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Monday, August 14, 2006

Sick baby = no sleeping daddy

Since my son got tubes for his ears back and the beginning of the Summer, he's been doing quite well....until this weekend. I think the extra mixing of kids with the start of the new school year was too much and he came down with an infection this weekend. Apparently it's the trendy thing among the 15-24 month olds in his class right now. The wife took him to the doctor today and our old friend, Omicef, is back in the house.

As such, he's been sleeping even worse than usual, which means I've been sleeping much worse than usual. Now, his ears will get better, but the antibiotic gives him the worst gas, so he'll be waking every couple of hours in need of Mylicon drops. Now, that stuff is just liquid gold. I think the 1 fluid ounce bottle is about $10 or so. In the last five years, between two kids, I bet we've gone through 30 such bottles easily. I wish I could just get it by the gallon at Sams instead of the dinky bottles that it comes in. It's a racket, but it works for him, so I pay away. Good thing I love those kids :-)

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Blogger Shell said...

I'm having this vision of you with an eye dropper trying to get a little bit of the meds out of a HUGE bucket of it.

5:16 PM  

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