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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back from Summer Camp

2007 06 06 004, originally uploaded by ultimate_ed.

I've had to keep silent as part of my audience didn't want to know about this adventure until it was over. The Princess made a big step this week. She went away to a three night summer camp with the YMCA. No Momma, Daddy, Grandparents. And no TV or computers, either.
She had a blast - riding horses, canoing, swimming, rock wall climbing. Every day was full. We decided to try out the three night camp this year to see how she did. She's ready to go back and next year we'll let her go to a full week long camp.

And, yes, She has had a major haircut. With all the activity she's going to have, she and I agreed that a shorter hairstyle would be good for her this summer. Everyone thinks it turned out quite well.
And, yes again, she does have a new watch. We bought it for her just before camp and she loves it. Waterproof and a good size digital display. She's been able to tell time for a good while, so it was a natural.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she looks so much like Jen.

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