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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Midweek Update

Alright, I'm going to try to keep up with it this time. The last couple of days have been pretty interesting. On Sunday, I turned out with my fellow Knights of Columbus for the adult confirmation mass that our parish hosted. Archbishop Dinardo was the presider and we had about 130 adults confirmed at the mass. Over the Pentecost weekend, about 900 adults were confirmed during several masses in the Archdiocese.

For Memorial Day, I would normally be at work as my company has never recognized it as a holiday. This year, I went ahead and took a day of vacation. Both the kids were home with the wife, so we decided to spend the day together. I had hoped to go back to the Y in Alvin for another round in the pool, but the weather had other ideas. We did spend the afternoon with the wife's family, so most of the cousins got to run around.

Yesterday and today were the usual back to work. My new project continues to ramp up and looks like it will be keeping me occupied well through the end of the year.

This morning, the tornado decided he wanted to wake up at 4am, so I've had a pretty long day. I was dead tired when I came home. But, we elected to have a family dinner at Gringo's, which was nice. The tornado actually behaved pretty well. From there, a quick trip to the library to get the princess signed up in the summer reading program. Yes, she reads...books, even!

While there, I finally picked up a book that I have been deliquent in reading - Willaim Gibson's Neuromancer. A Matrix/Blade Runner/Cyberpunk precursor work that set the stage for much of the genre. I'll let you know what I think of it in a few weeks.

And, finally, it appears to be the week for phone calls. My brother in California has called me twice this week. I've been helping him put together a new computer upgrade. He sounds like he's doing pretty well. Last night we also had a call from our good friend, the princess's godfather. He sounds like he's doing pretty well also. Though, I'm going to have to get on him about posting more, he's even worse than me about updates :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said... posted again.

I'm going to try to contain my excitement.

Just emailed wifey and told her her doom on Saturday! Can't wait to see her!

9:40 PM  

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