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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I am not a Blogger

Look at this - I've let a whole two weeks slip by without a new post. And it's not like there hasn't been anything to post about. Quite the contrary.
Work has been very busy and will remain so for well into 2007. Every day I leave work I'm farther behind than when I arrived in the morning. One of my friends says I just need to stop coming in so I'll quit losing ground. Doesn't sound like too bad an idea some days.
For the past week, the wife has been in Chicago for business, so it had been me alone with the Princess and the Tornado. Which, in itself would not normally be so bad. But, the Tornado decided to start running a 102F Fever the first night and I ended up staying home with him part of the week, pretty much staying awake the whole time trying to comfort him. My mom came in a few days ago to help watch him so I could get back to falling behind at work.
As I read postings on the blogs of friends, I must come to the realization that I'm not really a blogger. I can't really write during the day, especially these days. At night, after the kids and wife are taken care of, I usually just want to vedge out a bit, catch up on some news, and crash. Gathering my thoughts and writing about the day just doesn't rise up to the top of the stack.
I've got the time to write now because I've just gotten the Tornado back to sleep after being up with him for two hours. I've got to get ready for Church in a little while, so there's no point to trying to get back to sleep myself at this point. As you can expect, this is not the kind of free time that comes very often and certainly not the kind of free time I'm looking for.
So, I'll continue to check in, hopefully I can commit to at least once a week with some kind of write-up. But, I can see that this place is not going to be the spot for my pontificating about the issues of the world, unless it is something really big and I can make extra time.
As always, Life, the adventure, continues.....

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Blogger Shell said...

Eh...don't worry about it. As you can tell from my posts it's all a lot of fluff. I have people who nag me to update so it's almost a demand.

Plus I type super fast so I can put up an entry in seconds. :-)

7:52 PM  

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