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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cleaning Up Again

Man, the time just keeps getting away from me in between posts. Work is still busy. I started my lasted job about six weeks behind and I expect to be in that state for the next six months at least. Plus, being officed in the Galleria area now flat out sucks. My drive time each way is more than double, mostly because Houston drivers are idiots.
On the home front, the wife and I have been focusing on getting the house in order. We've been working to clear out stuff from all over the place. Nothing is safe. Well, the kids are safe :-) My parents were here over the weekend to watch the grand kids, so we were able to get a lot done. I think we're really going to make it this time.
Today, the wife had a crew come in from Dirt Free Carpets to clean the carpets in our bedroom, the kids bedroom, the game room, and the stairs. After nearly ten years, the carpets were looking pretty bad. I've cleaned them before with rental units, but I've never been able to come anywhere near as clean as these guys. There are a few spots that still have stains, but compared to what they were, you'd have to know where they are to find them. The rest of the carpet looks like it is newly installed. Definitely a worthwhile payout.
We got an estimate for the A/C duct cleaning, as that has never been done in ten years either. The price is high and the estimator suggested we may be better off just replacing the ductwork. It has mold all through it. Not toxic, but it has probably contributed to the ear infections and colds we seem to constantly get around here. I'm not really surprised. I'm going to get quotes on replacing the ductwork and I expect we'll get this done in the next few weeks.
Jen made her bonus this quarter and she wanted it to go to these cleanup works. She's even beat me into letting a maid come in to do some heavy cleaning that I never seem to be able to find the time for these days. I guess I'm getting old.
The tornado came home sick from daycare today. Momma will take him to get checked out tomorrow. The princess continues to excel in school. Last night, she had a program at her school and I had just enough tape left in my camcorder to get it all. I'll get that posted later this week.

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Blogger Shell said...

Ah yes...clean carpets. I had mine cleaned last Fall. It was bliss.

I need to get the ducts (all two of 'em) cleaned in my place. I started using those better air filters in the air conditioner and I can REALLY tell a difference.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:17 AM  

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