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Friday, October 06, 2006

A Podcaster Lost

I'm not quite sure why this one has struck me as much as it has. But, it has so I must deal with it. As I've blogged before, I am a podcast junkie. I've learned from various sources that one of my favorite podcasters, Bill Douthett, passed away suddenly yesterday. Better known as "Digital Bill", he was a pioneer in podcasting. He hosted one of the first podcasts I ever subscribed to and continued to enjoy, "The Wizards of Technology."
I didn't know him personally, but his style, wit, and all around class in producing his shows made his work especially enjoyable. He was a fellow geek who enjoyed sharing a love of technology in an accessible way with his listeners, but who also expressed a healthy skepticism of the major tech companies in play today.
I am still just stunned and in shock by this news. And I can see from other posts around the web that I'm not alone. It is just a reminder to me that our time in this life is short and we get to share it with other people for far too short a time. It is important to appreciate the time we have and make that time we have with other people count.
Bill, rest in peace and know that you touched many lives in your time. You will be missed.

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