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Thursday, October 26, 2006

At home on a rainy day with a sick baby

Yep, I'm actually blogging during the daytime. Yesterday momma took the tornado to the doctor to learn that he has a virus and we've pretty much got to ride out the storm. I took today off so momma could get some work done and also becuase the boy kept us up for about three hours last night. He continues to run a fever when the double shot of ibuprofen and tylenol wears off.
I haven't been able to get much done as the boy has been a full time deal today and does not want to go down for a nap. The one thing I have gotten done is uploading a new video of the princess from her school recital on Monday. Let's see if this whole embedded Youtube video deal actually works.

Momma took a lunch break and she and the boy have made a food run while I rest for a bit. To cap it off, the weather is once again nasty, so it is just as well to be away from work. Work sucks, btw.

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