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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Much Better Day

Well, today proved to be a turnaround. The tornado was able to go back to school. However, I went ahead and took the day off to recover. We had a massive set of storms come through last night and I didn't get to sleep until about 1am. We are still in the process of cleaning and reorganizing the house, so I did a few things in my room until the storm passed.
Today, we had some cleaning people come in. I used to be able to take a weekend every few months to give the house a good cleaning. Now, with the kids, it's getting harder to make that a priority. So, I broke down and let the wife bring a cleaning crew in. They did a fantastic job and I have to admit that it was well worth it.
In the meantime, while the wife was getting caught up on work, I continued to do some cleaning and organizing of my own. TO make sure we got the maximum cleaning of the carpets earlier in the week, the wife and I moved a lot of stuff out of the game room and into a spare bedroom. I worked on getting some of that back into it's places. I didn't manage to get that second video done yet, but I expect to get it done over the weekend.
To finish out the evening, we went to two different events with the kids. The tornado's school had their fall festival and I worked the Wheel of Fortune booth that his class was in charge of. It was a big hit with the kids. Momma took our kids around to the other booths and the playground. As usual, there was a good crowd. After that, we stopped off at "The Italian Buffet", which is parent code for CiCi's pizza. Altough, I think the princess has figured that out already. After dinner, it was off to the YMCA for their Halloween festival. There were plenty of games, moonwalks, horse rides, and a haunted house to make for a full evening.
The kids should have fallen asleep on the way home, but the boy is fighting sleep now with momma. Still, a vast improvement compared to the last few days. Good night.

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