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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rainy Day? No problem!

We were planning to head out of town for the weekend to take the kids to see the new baby horses in the extended family. But, 22" of rain yesterday in Killeen with the promise of more today nixed those plans. So, what to do?

I took the kids to Bounce On It and let them have their way with the moonwalks for a good three hours. Momma stayed home and did some organizing around the house while I tried to keep up with the princess and the tornado.

Here's a snippet of the tornado in action:

We probably would have stayed longer, but the tornado finally ran out of steam and was ready for his nap.

I just got back from a workout at the Y here. I made a good run at weight loss during the company's annual 10 week start of the year challenge. But, I've since gained most of it back and I've been struggling to get back on track. I've been sick off and on for the last couple of months, just enough so for it to be annoying and keep me from getting good exercise. Unfortunately, it did nothing to curb my appetite. I think I'm finally over all that, so I'll have a better chance of getting back on the downward path.

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