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Sunday, May 14, 2006

My boy's first loves - chocolate and a 2 yr old girl

This one is funny. Especially over the last couple days, I've noticed that my son has a really strong preference for chocolate. A few days ago, I had a snack bag for him that was a mixture of chex mix, goldfish, and M&M's. Once he figured out there were M&M's in the bag, he sought them out. If he picked out anything else, he'd put it back in the bag and kept digging until he came up with that precious M&M.
Yesterday, the wife had some wrapped Hershey kisses on the table that we were snacking from. He'd seen kisses get unwrapped before, so he knows what's inside. When we sat him down with us and he caught sight of those wrappers, nothing would calm him down until he'd eaten his fill.
That boy knows what he wants. He's also had his first love this past week. On Wednesday, I took the kids to McDonald's so the wife could go to a meeting. We went to the one in town that has the smaller play area for little kids as well. The boy enjoyed climbing the stairs to get into the center chamber, but I couldn't get him to try the tube and little slide. Even having big sister go through first wouldn't work.
Rewind a bit to when we were actually eating. He was sitting in the high chair munching down on nuggets, watching the other kids run around. Then, this girl comes in who must have been about two. He locked onto her as soon as she came in and never let her out of his sight. When she went out to the playground, he was ready to go. And, when she went crawling into that tube to the slide, he went right after her. It was quite a cute thing to see.



Blogger Shell said...

He's a little young to be starting that don't you think? Wow...

I remember Denali screaming "Daaaaaaaadddddddddyyyy" last time I ventured out to McDonald's with you guys. She wouldn't come down the slide and was too scared to go back. You had to go get her out.

I made a mental note that day...never take your kids to McDonald's to play in the tubes until you know FOR SURE they will get out on their own.

2:25 PM  

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