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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Workouts to the next level

The family have been members of the local YMCA since the beginning of last year. We actually have a city wide membership and have been to the Y in Alvin several times as they have a nicer and newer pool than Pearland.
But, Pearland is undergoing a $2 million dollar renovation and the first phase was completed about a month ago with all new machines for the fitness center. The Y has put in the Fitlinxx system and all the bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and weight machines are networked together.
Tonight, I got my account activated and went through the orientation. I've been using the new machines since they came in, but could use the tracking tools until completing the orientation. There was a big line to get in since the Y already has a lot of members.
Since I need to lose a good 45-50 lbs. or so, I put weight loss as my goal for now. The instructors set me up a routine to work through and oriented me on each of the machines. The machines track weight, reps, sets, and provide feedback to help me do the exercise correctly. Overall, it's a pretty impressive system and I can already tell the routine they set up for me is more effective than the somewhat random routine that I had been pursuing.
Lately, I've managed to quit the ascent that I've been on since finishing the weight loss challenge at work. Now, I need to turn it around and get moving back down again.



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