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Friday, May 19, 2006

Down the tubes

Neither the wife nor I have gotten much sleep this week. No, you pervs, it's not that. The boy has been sick pretty much going on two weeks now and he's really taken a dive these last few days. The antibiotics he's been on did nothting for him. He's pretty much a big blob of mucous complete with all the sneezing, sore ear pulling, and coughing to the point of vommiting that goes with it.
We got him back to the doctor today and it looks like he's now going to be following the path his big sister did years back and get tubes put in. This is about the time when the doctor gave up on Denali as well. At least the wife has great insurance.
He's back on the antibiotic that he usually responds better too, so hopefully that will help for a bit. Probably within a month or so, we'll have him in to get the tubes put in and we can try to get back to "normal".

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Blogger Shell said...

Describe what's normal with kids. Come on...what is normal when your life involves kids? :-)

10:55 AM  

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