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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An Internet Free Holiday Weekend

Since my last post I have, for all effective purposes, been
Internet free until now.I spent the long holiday weekend away from the house.First, on the annual reunion gathering that my wife’s family has each year, and then over to San Antonioto visit with my own family.

We made our journey from home on Friday with some of my in-laws and that was a tough drive. I think I now know why. Both Texas and Texas A&M were having opening home games this past Saturday, so we were stuck in the migration traffic from Houston to both College Station and Austin. Once we made it out of Austin, things went smoothly the rest of the way to Lake
, where the reunion was hosted.

Saturday was my 34th birthday and we spent the day at the reunion. I’m old, but still not as old as Shell. I’ll try to get pictures posted to Flickr soon, but it’s probably going to take me a few days to find the time. We played games, went swimming, and just generally had a good time all around. Attendance was down some this year, and those who didn’t come this time really missed out.

On Sunday, we made our way down to San Antonio to see my parents (and so they could see their grandkids, you know how those old people get) We had a great lunch and then spent the afternoon resting while the kids splashed around and played with the grandparents. Later in the afternoon, we took our daughter on the promised returned to the Castle for bumper boats, golf, and arcade games. After that, we took her back to the grandparents and the wife and I went out for dinner on our own.

Yesterday was our 13th anniversary and we spent it traveling home. The drive home was surprising difficult as traffic on Interstate 10
was the worst I’ve ever seen. Even in the middle of nowhere, traffic would come to a complete stop for no apparent reason. And, it was a banner day for the
state highway patrol as we passed dozens of points where they had someone
pulled over. At least the kids took a nap for the majority of the drive, so at least that part went well. We pretty much spent the rest of the day recovering from the mess we left behind, getting all our stuff unpacked, and preparing for the rest of the week. Even though it’s a short one, it is extremely busy for us, especially in the evenings. Next week is even worse, but I’ll get to that as events progress.

So, due to either not having internet access at all, or otherwise not even having time to sit at a computer, I was pretty much unplugged these last few days. I can tell that I’m never going to get caught up, but all in all it was a nice break. Now I just need to take a vacation to recover!

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Blogger Shell said...

I'm not THAT old.

And I bet if we asked those little ones who's older you would be surprised in their answer...hehehehe

8:01 PM  

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