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Friday, June 02, 2006

Am I going to Hell?

Alternative Title: And Then There Were Three

I'm addicted to my iPOD. With my Podcast subscriptions and the thousands of songs I already have, I almost never listen to the radio anymore. While I work, while I drive, while I exercise and even at home, I've either got the earbuds on or the iPOD connected to a stereo. My wife is largely the same with her iPOD.
Naturally, our daugther has picked up on this. I have a playlist full of her songs and I'll often queue it up for her when we're out driving. Lately, she had been asking to listen directly with the earbuds. So, I decided to give her one of her own. Yes, she's still five, although I doubt she's the youngest person with their own iPOD.
She should pick up the interface pretty quickly as she will be able to learn the words of the menus. But, I am going to have to get some more conventional headphones for her - the standard Apple earbuds are just too big to stay in a five year old sized ear.
As you can see from the picture, it is a Nano. I got her the 1GB version, but I've only filled it about 1/4 full so far as I need to pick out some more tracks for her and rip some other CD's. She was quite excited to get her own and I expect it won't be long before she's tuning us out, listening to her tunes while reading a book.
So, is it a mortal sin to give a child this cool of a toy? Posted by Picasa

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