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Friday, June 09, 2006

Finally feeling better

Well, I made the mistake of trying to go in to work Wednesday. I lasted about an hour through a meeting before my stomach had enough. I'm almost certain this has been some kind of virus and it seemed to be having a grand time with my stomach today. I felt better during the day, but then went through another downward spiral in the afternoon - just in time to pick up the kids - perfect! That was a tough evening w/o momma, but we survived.
I was all but certain to go the the doctor yesterday. The kids and I slept in a bit (woo-hoo! 6:45am!) since I wasn't going to be in a rush to get to work. I felt better and didn't really have any specific symptoms beyond a bit of a cough and exhaustion. My appetite finally returned (I'd been forcing myself to eat crackers to get some calories).
Today, I think I'm about over it. I get an occasional twinge in the stomach, but I think that's mostly just getting used to eating normally again. Thankfully, the kids have been doing better at night the last few days, so I've been able to get some more sleep. Momma returns this evening and it won't be soon enough! There's a very busy weekend coming up, so I'm sure I'll have a nice report on Monday.

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