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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Perfect Storm

Well, this has been just a fine day. I just settled my boy back down to sleep, so I thought I'd make a quick post while I'm up. For several weeks now, the wife has been planning on a trip to Chicago to the company home office. That trip had her leaving this morning and returning Friday evening. That much, at least, has gone as planned.
This did mean that I would get to be single Dad with the kids this week, which has been a challenge during previous trips, but we survive. Well, last night, I came home shivering with fever and aching all over my body, especially my back. I was pretty much useless last night at trying to watch the kids so Jen could pack up like we planned. She ended up taking care of the kids last night and got them up extra early so she could take them to school instead of me and still make her flight out of Bush Interncontinenal.
I ended up sleeping in until 9am this morning and felt like a rug that has been taken out for a good beating. I'm pretty sure this was a virus, as I had no sinus infection type symptons like I would usually get. It's been a tough day, but I think I'm doing well enough now that I'll return to work tomorrow. I did manage to get the kids from school myself and take care of them this evening. Little Ed is still suffering with the fluid in his ears (we take him for tubes next week) and I think he's picked up a viral bug as well as he has been even more difficult than usual to get down to sleep at night.
Hopefully, tomorrow will go better. Only three days until Momma comes home. In between naps, I did manage to get one thing done. I made a new YouTube video of Little Ed Walking. He started taking a serious interest last weekend and he is making really good progress. He can cover a lot of ground, stop and start, and turn pretty well. About the only thing he doesn't yet reliably do is pick himself up when he falls down. He's still relying on pulling himself up on something to get to the standing position, but that's fine at this point.

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