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Friday, June 09, 2006

Finally made the DIGG.COM front page

Alright, this is geeky, but, I am a geek, so there. One of the big sites on the 'Net these days is DIGG where users submit links to stories and such on the internet for other readers to check out. Readers add a "digg" to your submittal if they like it. Based on a complicated set of secret forumulas, you item can go to the front page if it gets enough diggs. I've submitted several articles over the months, but none have ever made the home page until today. I posted a link for a site that lets you see and rate seats on airplanes to help you avoid a bad seat. I was searching for such a site so I could help the wife do the electronic check-in at Continental. I almost switched her to what looked like a better seat at first, but the website indicated that it was much worse (a window seat, but without the window!!!). Apparently, the diggers found this useful, as it has 664 diggs at this point and rising. You can check the DIGG link here to see how it's doing.



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