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Monday, June 19, 2006

Rain in Houston, SUV sales expected to spike

I should be at work now, but instead I'm back home at my computer. After about an hour of trying pretty much every back road I could find, I have finally given up for the morning on finding a way to my office. Pretty much every street in south Houston is flooded to the point where the timid and the smart are just turning around. The Gulf Freeway (45) and the South Freeway (288) are both parking lots, so those do me no good either.
I do predict a spike over the coming weeks in the sales of SUV's and 4x4 trucks as they were the only ones traveling about with any confidence this morning. I have a two wheel drive pickup and am not usually bothered to much by some water, but this was just scary all around. I guess we'll see if the flood waters recede by lunchtime as the rain has at least stopped for now. In the meantime, I'll be checking the 40 day forecast on the weather channel.



Blogger Shell said...

I made it in but I didn't even leave until 8:30am. Shouldn't have though because some of the streets were flooded in downtown. It was a scarry ride, that's for sure.

1:29 PM  

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