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Friday, November 02, 2007


2007 10 31 Jack o Lantern 001, originally uploaded by ultimate_ed.

Alright, I've been in hiding long enough. I've been meaning to make some posts, but, life has been getting in the way.
I've actually been sick off and on the last couple of weeks, which has rather heavily cut into my posting motivation.
Still. other than that, things have been going reasonably well. Momma made it home safe from Chicago and the family was still alive when she came home.
Last weekend was full of parties and visits from grandparents. The princess had a karate tournament and she won her bout. She was also on fire at her soccer game.
This past week, naturally, there was much candy to be gathered and given out. Momma made the fine Jack o'Lantern carving in today's picture. We probably had a good 30 kids come by the house. Our little witch and Thomas the train went out and brought in a pretty good haul. Today finished the week with a school field trip to the zoo. Momma wasn't feeling well this morning, so I took the day off and chaperoned the princess around.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only 30 kids? In that huge neighborhood? I can't believe that. No truck loads of brats? Unbelieveable.

4:58 PM  

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